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Curaçao - NEWSFLASH: Information on the National Ordinance on tax Measures 2019


In connection with the expected budget deficit for 2019, the Government has previously announced that it will take measures to increase its revenue. The measures have been published in the Official Journal 2019-55, which is cited as "National Ordinance on Tax Measures 2019" (National Ordinance). The National Ordinance came into effect on 1 September 2019. As a result, the temporary national decree on the increase in excise duties (P.B. 2019-51) that has already been published has been withdrawn.


The National Ordinance includes the following measures:

  • increase of Sales Tax on import;
  • abolition of the Sales Tax exemption for the import of trade goods;
  • restriction on offsetting Sales Tax on trade goods;
  • introduction of a filing obligation for real estate tax;
  • increase in excise duties on beer, spirits, wine and cigarettes;
  • increase of the waste collection tax.

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NEWSFLASH: information on the National Ordinance on tax Measures 2019

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