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Keeping ‘client’ data secure when working remotely

Blog: Keeping ‘client’ data secure when working remotely

How we can manage and protect our data when not working from the office, from a privacy point of view.

The past weeks, we have seen many unexpected developments around the somewhat “traditional way of working” for organizations in the Caribbean region. Organizations are suddenly confronted with the COVID-19 virus outbreak, and therefore have to implement stringent measures to protect their employees and business continuity. According to studies, one of the best ways to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic, is to limit social contact, the so called ‘social distancing’ measure.

Remote working of course doesn’t come without any risks. The privacy and information security of your organization and clients, should be at the top of your list of concerns.

A blog by Danny van Haaren & Roy Jansen | Advisory

Keeping ‘client’ data secure when working remotely

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