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Aruba: Extension of the transitional period of BBO/BAVP/BAZV on invoices

Dear client, Dear relation,

On June 10, 2019 the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Xiomara Riuz-Maduro, made an official announcement regarding the transitional period for the prohibition of the mentioning of the BBO/BAZV/BAVP on the invoices. The transitional period for this prohibition has been extended with an additional 3 months. The official deadline for the entrepreneurs to implement the necessary changes is now set for September 30, 2019. As of October 1, 2019 it is officially prohibited to mention the BBO/BAZV/BAVP on the invoices.

According to the Minister, the reason for this extension is to provide the entrepreneurs with additional time to make the necessary changes to their prices and their invoicing systems. The Minister also noted that the second phase of the planned tax reform would not result in any significant changes to the current taxes and levies.

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