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Corporate Accounting and Outsourcing

At Grant Thornton, we believe that your financial household should remain in the background and run smoothly so you can focus on your core business. It should give you the management information that will enable you to run your organization effectively.

Corporate Accounting and Outsourcing (CAO) specializes in medium-sized and small-sized companies, institutions and professional practitioners. CAO prepares (periodical) financial reports, assesses accounting systems, sets up accounting systems in an automated environment and assists and advises clients on issues regarding accounting and business economics, amongst others. The employees working within CAO are ambitious go-getters who can employ their know-how in a creative and professional manner.

"Outsourcing certain services to a third party not only allows you to concentrate on your core business, it can also improve efficiency and cut costs."

Outsourcing services:

Are you dealing with one of the below-mentioned issues?

  • One of your employees is out of the running for a longer time?
  • Maybe your business has grown so quickly you have not had the time to fully staff up.
  • Short staffed or with unfilled vacancies for an extended time?
  • Need ongoing high-level assistance but not enough to justify a full-time position?
  • Critical periods such as month-end or in the midst of an important project?
  • Periodic workload spikes, turnover, unique or specific skill-set requirements, or special projects?


Our experienced consultants can help solve your day-to-day financial challenges while keeping your organization functioning smoothly. No matter the circumstances of your needs, we are here to provide interim solutions with the specific expertise you need to meet your time and workload constraints. When it comes to outsourcing, we don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. We listen carefully to your business needs and deliver comprehensive, efficient and confidential services.


Some of the positions our professionals can fill include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Financial administrator
  • Assistant accountant
  • Controller
  • Finance manager